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3 months ago

"Made a mistake"

Excellent service, I made a mistake with the ordering and sent a follow-up. The support was extremely helpful and rectified all my mistakes. I was kept informed using their live order tracker and it arrived on time.

3 months ago

"Another two stars"

Another two stars and as always their staff are amazing. My daughters sobbed, its amazing how naming a star can mean so much to someone, thank you again

3 months ago

"Very quick and efficient service"

Very quick and efficient service from Dean. My favourite rugby team now has a star named after them! Would recommend the service.

3 months ago

"I have always been very pleased"

I have always been very pleased with my orders from beginning to end. Rarely have to wait that long either - comes quickly in the post. Thank you.

3 months ago

"We now have so many stars"

We now have so many stars between us in our family and we love them each and every one of them. They all have different meanings and reasons for naming them but even then we love them and will get more in the future

3 months ago


What a fantastic , wonderful personal , and a professional service

3 months ago

"Amazing service"

Amazing service. Delivery was very speedy and an amazing anniversary present for my sister and new husband! Thanks

3 months ago

"Excellent service - fast and wonderfully presented"

Excellent service - fast and wonderfully presented

3 months ago

"Arrived later than itsaid"

The website says it would take 1-3 days and actually took 4 days to arrive but is not what it said on the website but the gift itself is superb no complaints there

3 months ago

"My purchase was a gift for a friend"

My purchase was a gift for a friend who had little girl still-born. It came really fast and the certificate and pack of information was lovely and very informational, very much worth the price paid

Star Registry Australia

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